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Master Thesis - Machine Learning using Anomaly Detection

Master Thesis - Machine Learning using Anomaly Detection

Job Summary


In modern factories and process industries, massive amounts of data are collected by different sensors leveraged by using Industrial IoT technology. By applying AI machine learning techniques, this data can be analyzed to convey useful information about the manufacturing process in real time. 

One such method of analysis is anomaly detection, which can be used to detect faulty products or behaviors based on a selection of features, i.e. properties that can be measured by the sensors. This is an important step towards the use of predictive maintenance instead of the current use of preventive or prescribed maintenance. 

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate and evaluate how anomaly detection can be applied in practice. What are the challenges and limitations? 
In close collaboration with our customers and partners, use cases are identified where such techniques can be applied to real live data.


Key Qualifications

  • Background in Engineering, Computer Science or similar 
  • Significant part of courses associated with the degree are accomplished  
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to acquire new knowledge and apply it in the job 
  • Good communication skills in written and spoken Swedish/English
  • Ability to formulate problems and solve them independently and with the team
  • Willingness to write publication
  • Extra plus is ability to run a demonstration of implemented concept solution


About Cybercom

We are Makers. And Makers do not believe in copy-paste solutions. Neither do we believe that value lies in only developing what others have drawn on tedious Power point slides.

We believe in less talk and more doing. Anyone can dream big and talk about business opportunities, but few have the skills to turn these ideas into reality.

With a maturing digital world, more and more people start to appreciate the value of skillful and responsible makers. They realize that it is not enough with just a good idea and some random developers to realize it. The proof is really in the pudding. And that is the value makers bring.  By learning through experience, we know what really matters, and we apply our skills and creative use of technology to every client and situation in order to create truly unique solutions for the future. A future that is responsible, sustainable and therefore, worthwhile building.


Peter Frejd, Consultant Unit Manager, peter.frejd@cybercom.com


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